Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WTF World 4: Who Cares About The Royal Wedding and Hanson Singing MMMBop? A Human Cannonball Died and Anonymous Brings Down PSN Again (Maybe)

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Ok, remember how I said that I would follow Google Trends and then blog about them and it would be a fun way for me to keep up to date with current events and keep you informed about today’s hot topics? I was wrong.

The reason there hasn’t been a WTF World in the past few weeks is not just because I’ve been spending time being wrapped up in the Montreal Canadiens playoff run (Keep Calm and Carey On boys) and working on the more permanent home of this blog, it’s also because Google Trends have been like 90% about either Dancing With the Stars, American Idol and the Royal Wedding.

I see the problem now; I have it set to “United States”. Things are so much clearer. You want to know what’s really strange? I just changed my trend settings to the UK, and the Royal Wedding is trending less there than it is in the US, WTF America? Correct me if I’m wrong but there was a pretty big war in the late 1700s where the main point of it was for you guys to stop caring about England and the monarchy, something about independence? Ring a bell? Probably not: some 250 years later and the hot topic in the land of the free is what Cateherine Middleton will be wearing when she marries Prince William. Side note: Am I the only one that thinks Prince William is getting way bald for his age? He’s only 28.

So yeah, where does that leave us? Hanson performed on Dancing With the Stars last night. How is this news? Hanson singing MMMBop was terrible when the song was big in 1997, why is it news when they sing it 14 years later? I’m serious, I really want to know. Let’s put this in perspective: A band whose one major hit was 14 years ago played their one hit wonder on a show where Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio are in a dance competition. Like, it’s bad enough that this is happening in the first place, but it’s worse that this has resulted in millions of Americans searching for Hanson this morning. I’m pretty sure that “MMMBop” is probably going to get a pretty big iTunes boost today. Fuck you America.

So what is news then? Found it. Matt “The Manx” Cranch dies yesterday in England during a Human Cannonball stunt that went wrong (yep, I set Google trends to the UK while seeing if they cared about the Royal Wedding). The Manx climbed into his giant cannon and when it blasted him out the recoil from the thing apparently caused his safety net to collapse, so instead of landing in a safety net, he landed on the ground, and died later in hospital. Two weeks ago he was a bartender, last week he was a human cannonball, today he’s dead. He was 23. I’m not really sure if I like reading the UK news, it’s not about washed up celebrities, it’s about people dying after being shot out of cannons.

Finally, a news item that is close to my heart. The Playstation Network has been down for the past 4 days and when I last checked it was still “undergoing maintenance”. Sony has pointed the finger once again at everyone’s favorite group of hackers: Anonymous. Only this time, Anonymous (or at least, the AnonOps) is like “Hey Sony, it’s not us this time.” Which sort of makes sense and sort of doesn’t. So, Sony decided to take George “GeoHot” Hotz to court over jailbreaking the PS3, Anonymous got all up in arms and launched a denial of service campaign against users of the PSN. The problem here? They weren’t hurting Sony so much as they were hurting gamers and gamers are sort of “their people”. Anonymous (or again, I must stress, the AnonOps) saw the error in their ways and stopped the attacks until they could come up with a better way to hurt Sony.

Last Thursday, the same denial of service attacks started again, and as I mentioned, Anonymous denied knowledge of the attacks. The problem here? How could they deny it? It’s a group of anonymous hackers, to think that the head knows what each of the thousands of hands is doing is absurd. However, it certainly hit Sony where it hurt, with the launch of some huge games before the long weekend (new SOCOM, Mortal Kombat and… uh… a little game called Portal 2 that’s main selling point is a co-operative mode) having the PSN down for the past 4 days is a pretty big deal.

Here’s a conspiracy theory that’s been kicking around: Sony is letting this drag on on purpose. Why would they do this? Two very likely reasons that I can think of. One, it turns public opinion against Anonymous even further. Typically “the internet” (made up largely of gamers and geeks) rallies around the actions of the group (see: Anonymous vs. HB Gary, Anonymous defending WikiLeaks, or Anonymous defending the lovable Casey Heynes), but less so this time, even less so now that Anonymous is coming between them and their Portal 2. Reason two: What better way to push the launch of a pay service (ala X Box Live) than with promises of a “more secure and stable” PSN? Just sayin’... it could happen.

That’s it for today.

Hanson image from TooMuchNews

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