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Montreal Canadiens Cap Situation Next Year (2011)

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Slow day at work, looking at the Habs cap situation to pass the time. Last season, the cap went up by about 2 million dollars, Phoenix Coyotes notwithstanding, I think the league did just as well this year as last, so I'm going to pretend there will be another 2 million dollar bump, making next years cap (potentially) 61.4 million dollars.

Habs have 6 forwards, 2 D and 1 Goaltender under contract next year for 33.995 million, which leaves us with 27.4 million dollars to sign a new team. Players under contact next year are:

  • Gomez, Cammy, Pleks, Gio, Moen and Eller for the forwards.
  • Spacek and PK for D.
  • Price between the pipes.
A friend of mine has suggested that we "Wade Redden" Gomez next year, which could free up an additional 7.4 million dollars in cap space... the only way this would happen is if the Habs locked up a similarly paid player (maybe a Brad Richards?), so that money is probably spent either way (though possibly for a more competent forward).

Working our way out from nets, we need to sign a backup, either resigning Auld, or another similarly aged experienced backup should not cost more than a million dollars, 26.4 million left in the bank and we have our two netminders.

D starts getting trickier. Some of our guys deserve raises, others need pay cuts (*cough cough Hamrlik cough cough*). I'll be honest, I don't like paying Spacek 3.8 at all, but I doubt any other NHL clubs would want him for that kind of money, so we're probably stuck with him.

Josh Gorges is one of my favorite defensively responsible D men in the league, but how much is that worth? Looking at a comparable (age and play style) players like Vlasic on the Sharks says a guy like Gorges is worth 3.8 million dollars, which I think is a little steep, but Gorges is probably looking for that kind of money, let's say an average of 3.5 for a good 3-4 years? 22.9 million left.

Markov is a stud, but he's getting old, and is VERY breakable it seems, if I could, I'd sign him for 6 million for 2 years (so cap hit of 3), that lets him earn maybe one more big contract before he retires (he'd be 33 at the end of the contract) and lets him do it on a team he's comfortable with. 19.9 million left.

I think we could keep Gill for the cash he's making now (2.25). 17.65 left.

And finally, I would give Wiz the same contract he had with the Isles: 3.25 million. Leaving a paltry 14.4 million on the cap with 6 defensemen on the roster:

  • Spacek, Markov, Gill, Gorges, PK, Wiz. To be safe, we should knock another 1.5 million off the cap to account for a 7th or 8th D man in the system (Weber or Picard maybe? Especially with Weber as a possible winger, a bit of versatility never hurt). 12.9 million left on the spendable cap.
12.9 million dollars to sign 7 or 8 fowards is not a lot of money (well, sure, it's a tonne of money, but, not by NHL standards). But anyways, here's how I would spend it:

  • AK46: His here and there play I think deserves a pay cut, but he may be worth resigning for about 2 million dollars IMO. 10.9 million left.
  • Halpern: I would keep Halpern around for 750 k if he wants it. 10.15 left.
  • Patches: I would easily give this kid a 3 million dollar contract, the way he lights up the Gomez and Gionta line is worth it I think. 7.15 left.
  • Desharnais: Hasn't proven himself, but still earned a raise from his 550 k salary, I think he's worth about a million (I gave him a 100k raise over Lapierre's contract last year). 6.15 left.
  • I think (hope) that we can resign both White and Darche for similarly priced contracts (maybe a slight raise, 750 k each?) 4.65 million on the cap left.

So here's the team:

Patches - Gomez - Gio
AK - Pleks - Cammy
Darche - Desharnais - Eller
White - Halpern - Moen
4.65 million to go after other forwards.

Gill - Subban
Gorges - Markov
Spacek - Wiz
1.5 million for other defensemen.


I think I can live with that.

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