Monday, February 28, 2011

Gaddafi Ordered Doc Brown's Assassination at Twin Pines Mall!

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Remember how on Friday I mentioned that there were some crazy (or maybe not) accusations flying around about Gaddafi having ordered the Lockerbie bombing?

Well, I'd like to add one more accusation to the list of crimes Gaddafi may have to answer for: the attempted murder of Doctor Emmett Brown.

In 1985, Doc Brown was contacted by the Libyans to construct a nuclear weapon. Brown, clever man that he is, duped the Libyans with an empty bomb casing made up of old pinball machine parts, instead using the plutonium to power his latest invention, a time machine.

When the Libyans found out about this, Gaddafi ordered Brown killed, and he was attacked during a test sequence of the time machine with his young ward Martin "Marty" McFly.
Fortunately, McFly was able to get the time machine up to a speed of 88 mph and escape through time. Brown himself was fortunate enough to inexplicably be wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of the attack.

Just another crime that Gaddafi has to answer for.

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